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Many community activities take place in the Rampart Metro area. Please click this link to be redirected to an up-to-date calendar of events, provided by

Construction Activities

The Rampart Range Metropolitan District has several constructions projects underway. As the activities continually change, please refer back to this website for updates.

The district is currently in the process of constructing a bridge over I25 to extend SkyRidge Avenue.   The street extension will not be functional until a later date, however,  construction was timed to run parallel to the RTD for coordination purposes.  Additionally, construction of the end of line station and the RTD line are starting to take shape on the east side of the interstate.

The District is currently constructing Promenade Park, in the Willow Creek corridor, between RidgeGate Circle and Sky Ridge Avenue. This includes play equipment, shade structure and paths connecting to Belvedere Park and Lincoln Commons Park. This work is anticipated to be completed in mid-summer 2017.

Work is underway on Lincoln Commons Park, located at the northeast corner of Bellwether Lane and Sky Ridge Avenue and will cap off the park improvements along the Willow Creek corridor.  The work is anticipated to last until mid-summer 2017 and will include benches, trash receptacles and a memorial to former Rampart Range Metro District Board member, Don Bounds.

The District appreciates your patience as these projects move forward. Please contact Denise Denslow at (303) 265-7910 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

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