About RRMD


Rampart Range Metropolitan Districts 1- 6 were formed on September 22, 2000 and approved by the City of Lone Tree. In 2005, Districts 7-9 were formed. The Districts were organized to serve the infrastructure needs of the new development and as such the purpose is to plan for, design, acquire, construct, install, relocate, redevelop and finance the public improvements. Rampart Range is generally located south of Lincoln Avenue and East of Yosemite in Lone Tree and consists of approximately 3,353 acres. It consists of several development areas planned for residential and commercial development. The metro districts are a multiple district structure that has RRMD No. 1 as the “service” district to manage the construction and operation of facilities and improvements needed and RRMD Nos. 2-9 as the “financing” districts, responsible for the funding and tax base needed to support the financing plan for capital improvements.

Ongoing service responsibilities of the District are limited to parks and recreation, drainage, and streets until acceptance by the City. RRMD water and sewer service is provided by Southgate Water and Sanitation.